Version 5

Wicked Willie (Res)erected (excuse the puerile pun!)

Back in August I posted an article about how I got involved in a trade magazine article related to the issue of AIDS, when working at an advertising agency a long, long time ago . It was written by Marketing Week and the aim was to come up with an alternative creative idea to the Tip-of-the-Iceberg advertising that was seemingly everywhere at the time – on every poster site and TV screen. Our creative idea tried to debunk the myths surrounding the contraction of this terrible disease, by featuring an amorous straight couple and Wicked Willie, a well know cartoon character of the day. Recently I found the animatic we produced to give to Marketing Week along with our storyboard, TV script and rationale for the creative idea. I thought I would share it with people. You might find it enjoyable, although I apologise for the terrible quality!